December 16, 2006


Hi. I am drunk.

Nope. I am fucking blasted. I jus thought you should know, and adjust yourselves accordingly.

Posted by That 1 Guy at December 16, 2006 10:55 PM | TrackBack

And I wasn't invited?!? Ugh!!

It's still I'm expecting more drunken posts :-)

Posted by: Sissy at December 16, 2006 11:05 PM

ok we are waiting to be entertained.

I am waiting for jeebus...

Posted by: armywifetoddlermom at December 16, 2006 11:19 PM

I fear for the Earth.

Posted by: RSM at December 17, 2006 08:21 AM

I called YOU when I was drunk...... :)

Posted by: BloodSpite at December 17, 2006 10:55 AM

See how ya are? I'm here at Mama Vi's blessin' stuff, cooking and takin' flack and there you are DRUNK. Yeah, some friend.....

(j/k - glad to see you cut loose a bit!)

Posted by: Tammi at December 17, 2006 12:47 PM

... smooth move, Exlax...

Posted by: Eric at December 17, 2006 05:00 PM

I made adjustments accordingly...I read your post with my head tilted to one side and read with one eye open.

Posted by: Mushy at December 17, 2006 10:29 PM

Sober yet?





Posted by: Blackfive at December 18, 2006 05:21 PM

Good for you.

Posted by: Tommy at December 18, 2006 06:40 PM

Tag you're it!

Posted by: Contagion at December 18, 2006 07:04 PM