July 05, 2006

Things I Learned While I Was on Liberty in San Francisco, California, and Really, Really Drunk - Part 1

(A Guest Post by Harvey of Bad Example)

Sorry for the light posting. I really thought T1G was gonna be back by now.

Anyway, from 1987 to 1989, I was stationed in Alameda, California, attached to the USS Enterprise (CVN 65) [which had a Marine contingent on board... T1G is a Marine... therefore this is tangentially appropriate material for this blog]. For those who know your geography, (or at least watched Star Trek 4) this is right across the Bay from San Francisco.

Consequently, I spent a lot of my free time over there, seeing the sights, sampling adult beverages, and basically wondering how a fun little town like this ever got a reputation for being a hippy-haven.

I also took a camera on occasion...


(click to enlarge)

Remember that "truth" that was "out there... somewhere..." on the X-Files? Turned out it was at a bus stop in San Francisco.

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