June 26, 2006

Things I Learned While I Was on Liberty in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Really, Really Drunk - Part 7

(A Guest Post by Harvey of Bad Example)



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It's morning, you're sober, you note with mild interest that the sidewalks have an interesting design on them.

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It's afternoon, you're hopelessly drunk, you note with mild surprise that you seem unable to pick yourself up off the interestingly-designed sidewalk.

You also notice that people coming from the beach just step over you instead of offering assistance.

Posted by Harvey at June 26, 2006 08:03 AM | TrackBack

Better to be stepped over, than stepped upon. But, then again, knowing you, that's probably what you were shooting for...

Posted by: That 1 Guy at June 26, 2006 11:10 AM