June 04, 2006


How y'all doin'? T1G asked me to drop in once in a while too. I'm RSM of other places. Surely T1G is having fun down in Florida roasting in the sun and playing with the kitties, you know how he loves cats.

Meanwhile it's a lazy Sunday and I am kicked back on a friend's couch. I'm being adopted by cats myself. Normally skittish, these two little lesbian sister cats have come up close to lay up against me. I'd prefer a dog, but this is what my friends have at their house. We go with it.

I think the main reason we like animals is that they provide us with validation that we are good people. After all, small pets have inside their heads the knowledge that these big humans could potentially kill them at any point. When they get to the level that they trust you enough not to kill them and allow you to pet them, it makes it seem like you actually have a connection to the natural world. Even birds like me, so long as they are birds of prey.

But if this sweet little darling flexes her claws into my testicles one more time, we'll see just how much that trust in my benevolence was misplaced.

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T1G has got to be missing his sweet little kitties so much! I bet he can't wait to get home to them and the gophers!;)

Posted by: azindiandoll at June 5, 2006 02:26 AM

Gee, I didn't know horny mutant ninja kittens could be lesbians. I thought ALL cats were lesbians, didn't you? But where's all the horny female lemurs that Gooogle promised?

Posted by: wil at June 5, 2006 03:28 AM