April 25, 2006


Looking through some old things today, I realized how much I've changed over the years. I wasn't always as chill as I am today. Nah. I've come a long way from being the tempermental fireball I used to be.

A perfect example of how I used to be was found among some old pics. I had dropped through a register in the floor above, and had a death grip on my father's head. One quick wrench, and it would have been lights out... he knew it, too. You can see the fear in his eyes.

Death From Above.jpg
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Just so I could have my first birthday a month early.

Posted by That 1 Guy at April 25, 2006 04:10 PM

Oh, look at how cute you are!! What a great picture! :)

Posted by: Richmond at April 26, 2006 04:20 AM

Awwwwwwwww, such a cutie! And the kid isn't bad either!

Posted by: Quality Weenie at April 26, 2006 06:18 AM

You just put that picture up there so us females would say "awww! How cute and smoochy" didn't you?

Posted by: oddybobo at April 26, 2006 07:34 AM

I was playing the laugh, but having women fawn over your picture is definitely an added benefit... no matter how ancient the pic.

It's kinda nice. Doesn't happen anymore... ;)

Posted by: That 1 Guy at April 26, 2006 07:40 AM

Doesn't happen anymore?

Well, post something where you don't have UNDERWEAR on your head!!!

I'm just sayin'......


Posted by: Tammi at April 26, 2006 08:07 AM

Oh, I don't know. I thought you looked pretty cute with skivies on your head too.... ;)

Posted by: Richmond at April 26, 2006 02:00 PM

So obviously the train wreck you were in that caused your present looks were after this photo. :)

Posted by: BloodSpite at April 26, 2006 06:56 PM

Aw, man... that hurt. Bastard.


Posted by: That 1 Guy at April 26, 2006 07:09 PM