April 19, 2006

Thin Bacon

A hog gives his life, for our nourishment and health. His life cut short, while meat is in prime condition. Chops, bacon, hams... mmmmmmm.

The least we can do to honour his slaughter is to cut thick slice bacon. This thin shit is a total disgrace...

Posted by That 1 Guy at April 19, 2006 11:50 AM

I like my bacon like I like my gay men, limp!

Posted by: Quality Weenie at April 19, 2006 01:06 PM

Are you getting this thin bacon at a diner or are you fryin it up at home?

Posted by: azindiandoll at April 20, 2006 04:27 AM

The advantage of being a pig-killer! My home cured bacon is THICK!

Posted by: Raging Mom at April 20, 2006 05:34 AM

Doesn't sound like you had a very good food day.....

thin bacon and burnt bread. Nope, doesn't sound so good at all.....

Posted by: Tammi at April 20, 2006 06:48 AM

Ah! Bacon! One of nature's perfect foods...

Posted by: Omnibus Driver at April 20, 2006 08:02 AM

If you're gonna eat just bacon with say a couple of eggs or whatever, then it needs to be thick. But, if you're gonna wrap something with it like a dove breast or shrimp or something to be grilled or fried, it needs to be thin sliced. That way it's easier to wrap and it doesn't fall off before you eat it. That's just my opinion.

Posted by: Dash at April 20, 2006 08:30 PM