March 16, 2006

Son Of A Bitch!!!

Since the beginnings of blogging, I've heard that you should save your post in Wordpad, or Notepad, before attempting to post it on your actual blog. This ensures that you do not end up "losing" it, should a problem arise. I'm very careful to do this.

However, you also should save your template before making changes. This I do when making major changes, but never when adding a new blogger to the "We've Shared A Flask" category. I've never needed to... until today.

Just a couple of names, and it should have been done. No. For some reason, when I clicked on "Save", after double checking my right side template, the page wouldn't load. No biggie. Right. I've lost my Gottdamned right sidebar!!! Well... most of it, anyway.

Son of a motherless crosseyed monkey raping goat...

Posted by That 1 Guy at March 16, 2006 05:23 PM

Damn buddy, you ain't even in the "WayBack Machine". I was gonna try to look at last month for you, but you just didn't exist bro'.

I probably didn't either.

This comment will self destructin 5 seconds...

I hope.

Posted by: RedNeck at March 16, 2006 05:59 PM

Uh oh... been around children too long. ;-) They have that effect... causing things to break unexpectedly.

Posted by: vw bug at March 16, 2006 07:09 PM

I went to your oldest archived month and I can see your entire right sidebar.

Not that this helps in setting up the HTML... but at least you have the list... including little ol' me...

Good luck.

Posted by: Cathy at March 16, 2006 07:25 PM

Hmmm, that's the most interesting way to mess up a sidebar. If you need some help I'd be willing to see if I can help... or screw it up more.

Posted by: Contagion at March 16, 2006 08:42 PM

OH mercy! I have GOT to save that last line of yours and use it. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Alabama Improper at March 16, 2006 09:30 PM

Wow. It's as though an F5 tornado just blew away the right side of your blog. I'm glad I'm before the G's in the alphabet.

Have you tried the "Undo" button? Just kidding.

Good luck getting it restored, T1G!

Posted by: Jerry at March 16, 2006 09:34 PM

Did you have to mention tornado's? *cringe*

Posted by: BloodSpite at March 16, 2006 10:42 PM

Okay I looked at the page source. (Page source shows you the page in html) It looks like there are missing lines right after grouchy old cripple's link. If you click on "page source" under Edit - and then do a find on "shared" until you find the title for "shared a flask" - scroll down and you can see how a bunch of lines were deleted. If you go back to the archived page that Cathy has given you and do the same - you can recover the lost lines and retype them in or copy and paste them in. Hope that helps!

Posted by: Teresa at March 17, 2006 09:54 AM