September 11, 2005

It Is Here

It officially started Thursday, but today is the true kickoff for football for me. I like the Patriots, and I've always liked the the outlaw rep of the Raiders, but football to me is the NFC Central North division: Bears, Packers, Lions, and the Vike queens. The season doesn't start until one of them plays.

With apologies to blog bro _Jon, I can't stand the Lions. And it may be evident that I hate the Queens. I can't say that I truly hate the Packers, but I don't like them. At all. Chicago's where it's at, folks!

Now just because I don't like the rest of the division doesn't mean I have no respect for them. You can't be a football fan and fail to appreciate players from each team. In addition to the infinite number of Bear greats, I admire many Packers players. Not just names like Taylor, Hornung, Starr, and Nitschke, but some of the more recent players. Guys like Levens, Mark Murphy, and Chuck Cecil.

Chuck Cecil... there was a guy who could hit! I loved watching that maniac strong safety play. He would hit guys so hard, that HE would go numb! As I'm prone to do, I'm drifting again.

The two teams I hate, are the ones that I worry about. They both look like they could get somewhere this year. Of course, if Minnesota does, it doesn't mean that they'll win the Big One. They've got a talent for losing Super Bowls.

I'm thinking this isn't going to be a very good year for the Bears, unless Kyle Orton is the real thing. We've got a good defensive lineup, but a one dimensional offense, unless he can add to the passing game. My guess for them? 8-8. Defense can win games, but offense has to help.

The Packers appear to be on the verge of decline. Favre looks like he may get the snot knocked out of him this year with an O-line that looks as holey as their fans' stupid headgear. As much as I feel like losing my lunch, I've got to admit that I like... no, I can't do it. There's no way that I will admit to liking Fart's style of play, and the impact he can have in a game.

Sounds like blasphemy, but I really don't want the Packers to hit that decline. No, I don't want them to be a dynasty, but if they hit the slide, all I'm going to hear about when talking to Packer fans is more tales of yesteryear. :)

Posted by That 1 Guy at September 11, 2005 10:01 AM | TrackBack

Hey, the Bears picked up JT O'Sullivan... you know the Packers fourth string reject quarter back. I figure he should be a started for them around game 7.

Packer's O line isn't that bad, yes we lost two great players, but we have the rest of the line and the replacements look decent. Ruegamer is back so that will help a lot. People were saying the same thing when he left last year.

As for Packer fans talking about "yesteryear" when Bears talk about how great the 84/85 Bears were. :)

Posted by: Contagion at September 11, 2005 11:00 AM

As a Bear fan you simply cannot talk shit about dreaming of yesteryear. Since moving to Illinois, I've heard so many stories about the 1985 Bears I could puke. With that said...I thought the Bears looked better than the score showed today. That was a tough Redskins Def for Orton to debut against. I expected the Packers to suck this year, and so far it looks like I was right. Either the Lions O underacheived or the Packers D played better than expected. And yes, it is absolutely hilarious that the purple queens couldnt manage an offensive TD. It took a former Packer on D to get minny a TD. Walker shoulda held out huh?

Posted by: Lance at September 11, 2005 11:59 PM