August 22, 2004

Strange Tidbits

Some weird stories that I came across this weekend. Hopefully, I'm not repeating someone else's post!

First, we have a story of a vicious bird: Police Officer Fights off Bird!
The officer suffered minor scratches and a big bruise in her side.

Next the story of a tasered grandmother: Cops Disciplined For Tasering Grandmother
This one ... I don't know. Pisses you off, but at the same time, you start chuckling to yourself imagining the manliness of the cop who used the taser. "Watch out! She's got a cane, and she's willing to use it!" The chief believes that the incident "could have been avoided ..."

And finally, this one is just for Eric, of Straight White Guy. Seems he's developed a fetish for squirrels. That's two seperate links. Funny stuff! Anyway, this isn't quite as good, but I had a couple different headlines pop into my head when I read this: Red Squirrel Visits Plumber Through Toilet.
"Acorn Crop Forecast At All-time Low: Squirrels Taking Nuts From Other Sources"

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