August 27, 2004

We Care About The Kids

Teacher strikes. This is a bunch of crap. We have one going on right now in Machesney Park, north of me. Did you read that? Teacher's union and administration met for ten whole minutes without reaching an agreement or offering new proposals. Ooooooooo. Thank you for your time. Both sides!

Now, I'm not going into a whole rant about who is right or wrong. The main thing that get's me is that one of the most frequent lines you will hear during this crap is "it's all about the students." BULL! It's all about the money. Teachers want more, administration would like to keep more in their hands.

Last year, another school district in the area had a strike. It carried on long enough that the high school was not going to have a homecoming dance or anything. Football games were forfeit. The team was one of the favorites coming into the school year. Obviously, they got nowhere. Thankfully, (although I never cared about dances) another school in the area held the dance for the students. Kids were pissed off at both sides.

Looks similar to this year. Harlem is one of the NIC-9 favorites. Tonights game is forfeit. Hopefully this doesn't stretch out like last years mess.

The thing that sets me off is this: you guys had ALL SUMMER to work this out! While I understand that waiting for the school year to start is leverage, good leverage at that, it also makes it clear that you give not a damn about your students. Of course, you did meet all summer long. I forgot about that. Long strenuous meetings lasting upwards of 2, even 3, hours. I feel for you. You are all selfish asses.

My mistake, the school of last year, Hononegah, was not a favorite. Big things were expected of the team, however.

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