September 07, 2004

Billboard Salvation

They are there to attract your attention. Big, ugly, and often plastered with stupid sayings, in the hopes that you, Mr. /Mrs./Miss/Ms. Inattentive Driver, will be lured into buying or doing something that you never realized you ever had an urge to buy or do. Big freakin' eyesores they are! Although, I will admit, some can be pretty funny. Like the ones .... wait a minute. I'm drifting!

These damn things never tell the whole truth, if any at all. PFTETOA is rather irritating in their billboard choices. (Yes, I know that's not the proper acronym ... but it should be. Weirdos can't even keep track of all their words.)

But there is one, one that I see every time I need to take hwy 251 up to Rockford. I'm pretty sure that it's an American Lung Association board, but not sure enough to make a large wager.( I'm too busy paying attention to where I'm driving to read signs!) All I know, is that it irritates me, yet makes me laugh a rather evil laugh at times! This sign is an example of only telling the convenient truth. It says something along these lines:

Chances of dying in a car wreck= 6,200:1

Chances of dying from smoking=3:1

Covenient truth, spewed in the hopes of scaring people into quitting smoking. I ask you this:

What, pray tell, are the odds of dying period?

Should be something around 1:1 I would think. Everyone stop living, you're going to die!!!!

Sorry, I just find things amusing.

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