September 12, 2004

This Week's Fave's: 9/12

Figured that I would check out Mr. Maltby's Breaking Benjamin cd that he lent me, and ended up listening to that for the majority of the week. T1G like very much! I can't say right out that it's now on my "must buy list", but it is a very good album. Good hard rock, with some good old fashioned metal growls dispensed throughout. There are a couple of slower songs on the disc (titled "We Are Not Alone"), though, that seem to grab hold of you: Rain, and Forget It. Forget It; this is probably one of my favorites. The thing is, I haven't been in the mood for this type of song, but it's got me nonetheless. I don't know publishing info or songwriting credits, due to this being a burned copy, but the song sounds alot like the Moody Blues. Not exactly, but the way the singer uses his voice, and the feel of the song ... Moody Blues is the best description I can think of. It doesn't fit the rest of the album, but it also doesn't seem like it is a total misfit either. Other favorites on the disc: So Cold, Break My Fall, Breakdown, and Believe. The music isn't all that complex, but it is damn good!

Reading material isn't anything new; been reading from a collection of Poe. I love this stuff. Some of this stuff is creepy as hell now, I wish I had been able to read this in the period in which he wrote it. Had to have been nightmarish. Probably one of the reasons that he had a hard time making a living. That's just my thought.

Beverage-wise, it was a real treat. I picked up a couple different brews last Monday. They didn't make it past Wednesday. Paulaner makes a double bock called Salvator. (if you click on the link, you'll have to scroll down the page to find the Salvator description) If you don't know what a double bock is, here's a description. Anyway, this is good beer. I opened a pint before sitting down to do my blog reading, and I didn't get but two blogs in before that pint was gone. The next two went down too damn easy. But by then I was getting the giggles. Everything was funny, and it clicked: I was drunk off of those three pints. WTF?! Duh, should read label before swilling like a man dying of thirst. ; 7.5% alcohol. It will definitely sneak up on you. It doesn't have a strong taste, and it goes down really easy. The other brew that I picked up was one that sounds a little strange, but it was excellent. Young's makes a "Double Chocolate Stout." I've had a few beers that are brewed with chocolate malt, but this is the first that also has actual chocolate added to the beer. Sounds strange, yes, I know, but it's uncommonly good. The chocolate taste is there, it's not strong. At all. Matter of fact, I could only taste it a couple of times. And the smell. Every now and then you can detect the scent of chocolate. My mouth is starting to water thinking about it!!

If you recommend any beverages for tasting, I promise I will try my best to check it out. Though I may suffer, I will drink the drink!

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