September 17, 2004

Squab Anyone?

We had some high winds and a couple storms come through Wednesday evening. Yesterday, as I was going out the door to work, I noticed something laying on the ground. Thought maybe it was a rabbit that's taken to hanging around, but as I walked up, I realize that it's a bird's nest. Get a little closer, and I see a mourning dove trying to transfer into "evil protective mom" mode. I figured she had some little ones under her, so I walked away. With all the cats roaming this neighbourhood, I didn't figure they'd last long. Today, I look out and see this. I don't know how well you'll be able to see them, but the two little ones are safe and sound. Mom was less than a foot away when I walked out ... never even saw her 'til she took off.

I curious to see how long they last. I'm pulling for them. (at least 'til the squabs have a little more meat to'em!)

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