September 25, 2004

Makes a Person Wonder

A visit to the hospital has me dealing with some conflicting feelings. Although, I have to say that "happy" would be the one winning right now.

Hit-and-run driver sought

Beloit police are looking for the driver involved in a hit-and-run accident that left an Afton man in critical condition.

The accident happened at about 2 a.m. today on Portland Avenue east of Bluff Street when a motorcycle driven by T1G's friend, 33, of the 3700 block of his street was westbound on Portland followed by a maroon 1998 Buick Century.

According to the accident report, the Buick lost control and slid sideways into the motorcycle.

The driver of the car fled the scene on foot while T1G's friend was flown to Rockford Memorial Hospital where a spokeswoman said he was in critical condition.

The car was known to Beloit officers because officers had attempted to stop the car earlier. The vehicle identification number does not match the plates, officers said.
Taken from the Sept. 17 edition of The Beloit Daily News

Barry (my friend) has many cracked ribs, a cracked vertebra in his neck, broken finger, and had some bleeding on the brain. They had to induce a coma to keep the swelling to a minimum. I talked with my brother Tuesday, and he told me that the doctors had tried to bring Barry out on Monday night, but his brain was too stimulated, so they had to knock him down again. I stopped in on Wednesday, and he was awake. They had just pulled his breathing tube out, so he couldn't talk very loudly.

When I stuck my head in, the nurse chased me out. I wasn't family. But just a minute later, they let me in. I could tell he was aware, so when the nurse made her apology for chasing me out, I told her that it was alright, I just came to see his wife anyway. I turned around, and Barry is back there trying to wave his arms while mouthing "not my friend, not my friend" to her. Seeing that, I knew he was going to be alright. The staff is going to have their hands full with him. I will be making many trips up to see him.

Here's where I get my nasty feelings. Although, I will say, I realize that getting nasty about this isn't going to undo anything.

The story is this: cops start chasing some punk after a "gas and run." Chase him through Beloit, Wi. Call off chase. Worried about safety of public. Short time later, driver loses control and hits Barry. Kid runs off.

The other story: Cops chase punk after gas and run. Don't know how long they chased him, but he was clocked at 80 mph going over a bridge near downtown area. Bridge where they clocked him: 5 blocks from where Barry got smacked. Barry is stopped at an intersection (stop sign). Car slams into him from behind. No skid marks. Bike is launched out from under Barry. Impact is so great, the car rolls over. Punk kicks out rear window and takes off. Cops on scene in minutes. Some say no more than one (min).


Kinda pisses a person off.

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