November 06, 2004

What's your guess?

Tonight at work, we grilled out. Steak, brats, sauerkraut, beans, potatoe wedges, potatoe salad, and seafood salad. Man, that was good! But of course, it made me wonder about something.

On the label of the seafood salad, it says,"made with artificial crab meat." *running out door to car, because I just realized the salad is still in there .... back, and this stuff tastes great!* Okay, back to the story. I had to ask one of my co-workers what "artificial crab meat" was. I just had to; I wouldn't be me if I didn't ask important questions like this! Anyway, he couldn't tell me. So I start guessing. I'll tell you what I think, and then you let me know what you think it is.

Far, far, away, in the middle of the Spurious Sea, there is a chain of islands known as the Mereticious Islands. An affectedly beautiful place, indeed! On the largest island, Ersatz, there is a rather large cove. This is known as "Counterfeit Cove," although this isn't the official name. (But it will serve the purpose for this explanation.) Heading out to sea from here, you would pass over an artificial reef that is known as Artificial Reef. (Very original, yes?) This reef is home to the one of a kind Artificial Crabs.

These unique creatures resemble other crabs and taste like other crabs, but yet, are not true crabs. For they are fabricated from .... well, stuff. And here, we lose the explanation, as our space is running out. Sorry. Gotta go.

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