November 08, 2004

The Ugly ...

Four words. Fantasy. Football. Ass. Beatings.

In one league, I played blogsister Tammi. With one player left, the score looks like this:

Stumbling Drunks vs 219.73


My fault, because I didn't get back early enough from the Illini game to enter my lineup. And I ended up playing one injured player (who didn't play), and two players on bye weeks. Ah, well. Look at Tammi's points. She's been putting up numbers close to this each week ... she just hasn't been winning. She deserves a win. I suppose. :)

In my other league, the score is nowhere near being that close.

Milquetoasts vs 29 (me)
Bone's Bitches 67

Twenty two of those points came from one guy... my kicker, Adam Vinatieri. I have two players left, and he's got one ... Edgerrin James. My goose is cooked. My bench players had 73 points. Well played, t1g, well played. Grrrrrrrrrr.

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