November 08, 2004

Fire in The Sky

I'm coming home from my nephew's sixth B-day party last night, and I pull up to an intersection in the country. I look right (north), and notice the sky over the road glowing with what I first thought was the glare from headlights. So I wait a couple of seconds, and realize that what I'm seeing isn't that glare, rather, it's the Northern Lights. And they were showing up beautifully! I was only about a mile from my brother's house, and I knew that he would be home from the party soon, so I went over to his place.

This isn't the first time I've seen them, although I sure act like it every time I do see them. This is only the second time I've seen them taking up half of the night sky, though. There wasn't the incredible color changing going on that sometimes occurs, but directly overhead the lights were moving in their eerie dance. Beautiful.

My brother and his girlfriend get home, and now there are three of us standing in the field behind his house, just staring at the sky. I had also called my bro-in-law to let him know. (I'm hoping that they caught them at the right time.) Shortly after I called them, the lights started to fade away.

My brother and I got ourselves some beers and start talking in his garage. After a bit, we step out to do a light check, and they are back and brighter than before! Now we could see the waves moving through the light. Light would shoot through an area of the sky and then fade... two grown men (well, depending on who you talk to, that might not be so accurate) staring into the sky holding their beers in childish fascination. Watching what looked like a large wolf spider's web, covered with dew, blowing in a soft breeze. Watching the lights dance, while making it appear that the stars were matching them step for step. Words can't really express the beauty that had us entranced.

Of course, this made us think of other times that we had observed them. One time, while up north, the lower portion of the sky was glowing orange and purple. At first, it appeared that the woods were on fire! I used to date a girl from Trego, Wisconsin, which is quite aways up there. I loved going up there. I'd sit on her front step at night and watch for the lights. They were so brilliant there ..... *sigh*

I don't know how many of you may have seen this, or even if those of you in the South are able to view them. I just know that if you missed it, I feel for you. As I wonder about those that have seen them, and not felt a certain thrill. One of my favorite things to see, by far!

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