December 06, 2004

So Close

Sometimes I think to myself, "You know, there really is no justice." Saturday night was a prime example.

In July, when I was packing for my trip, I pulled my rain gear out of the garage to pack it up. I start to roll it up, when I get a whiff of nastiness. Cat pee! I mean alot of it! It was dark when I pulled it from the garage, otherwise I may have noticed the unpleasant sheen. Pardon the pun, but I was pissed!

Sometimes when I get home, the whole garage reeks of this "fragrance." And every now and then, I get the living crap scared out of me. The culprit behind this won't bolt once the garage door opens. No, it hides behind something (usually a garbage can) and waits until I'm right next to where it's hiding before it takes off. Oh, how I love that! Makes me feel so alive! Right.

Saturday, as I'm pulling out of my drive, I almost got to witness Raingear Pisser's demise. As I watched, it steps out onto the highway ... right in front of a car! I'm simultaneously thinking, "poor thing," and "YES! There really is a God, and he LOVES me!!!" No worries though. As the car skidded to a stop (coward), Raingear trots nonchalantly across the road. It was mere inches that saved this nasty creature! Thoughts quickly changed to "damn cat!" and "I surely have pissed off the Big Guy!"

Of course, maybe it did get hit, and is now on it's next to last life. I can only hope.

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