December 09, 2004

Short cakes,er ... takes

Okay, first, forHarvey, here's a peek-a-chur of the new toy at work. Sorry, dude, but it's the best I've found.... so far. What I've been impressed with is the fact that the elevator/conveyor (barely seen at the bottom of the glass panel) looks cheap, but is in fact sturdy as ... some type of really sturdy thing. It's mounted on a rail or linear bearing (the long black bar on the left side of the machine, seen in the bottom photo) that doesn't seem capable of holding it. I've bought product from the extreme right of the machine to see if it shakes the piss out of it, but it's freakin' sturdy. Impressive. I bumped my head on the glass tonight, trying to discover if it is a rail, or a bearing. I did discover that it is, in fact, EMBARASSING.

I've been going through some crappy times lately. You all know this. Not all of you know exactly what is going down, and sometime I'll tell you, I promise, but I've got to say this. You blog-siblings that have been in contact with me through this are the best. And to another Joe, you rock, dude. Thanks a million! E-mail is on the way, sibs!

Also, not a great night at work. BUT, coming home made the evening great. First, the bar was open. Not that I was intent on getting blotto. It's just the bartender is a friend that I rarely get to see. Had a couple-o-brews, and a great visit. Second, I get home, and discover that I missed a call. I was grinning listening to the message. Too cool! We'll get in touch sooon.

Finally, the "cold medicine" of the evening is Knob Creek bourbon. A twelve ounce glass, and I believe it's working. I feel no cold symptoms. As a matter of fact, I feel much of nothing. No crazy ass dreams tonight!

Oh, wait! One more finally. My site averages around 25 hits a day. Sometimes it's a bit higher, and other times much lower. I don't really check that much. Ocne a week, and occasionally after I notice that someone has linked me. My highest number: 70 something, after I enter the 14th Carnival of Recipes. Then, after I submitted a picture of a drunken guy who looks like me, I received about 50 fpr a couple of days straight. Today, thanks to Eric posting this, I hit 62! Oh, I realize that it isn't much, and that 5/8 of those hits spent no actual reading time on my blog (I've gotta come up with something that grabs attention), I just thought it cool. My blog. Viewed numerous times. Hehehe. Thanks, bro!

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