December 09, 2004

The Stock to Which I Belong

While communicating with a friend, it was pointed out that I need a talking to when it comes to honesty, specifically, when to/not to be brutally honest.

Honesty is one of those things that define me, at least I like to think so. However, it has screwed me over a couple of times. The thing is, while I may gripe about being screwed over, I am at the same time proud that I said what I thought needed to be said. But I'm starting to drigt from my original thoughts.

This talk about brutal honesty reminded me of my youngest brother. R. is the definition of brutal honesty. The man is BLUNT, and to the point. No time for niceties. And he wouldn't be my brother if he were any other way. See, my whole family is this way, with the exception of me. Of course! I like to think of myself as very tempered and tactful. My sister may say otherwise, but don't believe her: she's just jealous of the fact that I'm so nice! :)

Okay, to the story. R. and I go to visit a friend who is playing softball. Friends team is on the field, so we start visiting with those in the stands. Friends girlfriend is in the stands. R. is talking to her a bit, and then stops.

"You've got freckles!"
She gets embarassed, but he quickly adds, "You look great with your freckles."
She starts to smile, and then R. adds, "I've never seen them before! Most of the time you've got them hidden. It usually looks like you've got 'makeup by Mautz' goin' on. You look alot better without it!"

I heard she cried. The worst is that R. thought he was complimenting her.

Now that, my friends, is brutally honest!

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