December 16, 2004

TV? No Thanks

Personal relationships, stressful situations, financial woes. Sometimes it's good just to step back, and try to view your situation from an outsider's point of view. Other times, it's good to go to an outsider. You will realize that even though things may currently suck, they aren't as bad as you are making them out to be. Or maybe they are, in which case, you're screwed.

Don't watch much television, says I. Except for football, and some baseball (ok, and cartoons if they're on), nothing is worth watching. Being the ill individual that I've been lately, I wrapped up in a blanket, and tried to watch so TV this afternoon, before heading off to work. So much for relaxing.

A show was on that just had me pissed off, and mocking the TV. I would like to see video of that! Anyway, the guy in this show moves in with people who have relationship problems, and tries to help fix them. S T U P I D! Not that helping people is stupid, but this way of helping people is stupid. Apparently, all you have to do is repeat a phrase that this guy tells you, and you are back on the road to happiness. Say it, believe it, and life is good. I never knew it was so easy! Maybe I'm being a little negative. Could be. I do know that all I could think as I'm watching this show was, "Probably the only thing that keeps people from wiping that stupid smile off of his face is the fact that there are cameras all around."

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