December 23, 2004

Blog Novella

Another link post. If you've got the time to read these, I guarantee you'll enjoy them. You may have heard about this already. Christina, ofFeisty Repartee started a blog novella and other bloggers have been adding to it, a chapter at a time. Here's what it's like to me, so far.

We're standing on the edge of a pond. The water is a little murky, but still inviting as Christina starts us off. Next up is Eric with part two. The water is a little agitated but still inviting as Eric makes a smooth transition. Along comes Acidman, and now the water is filled with menacing whorls. Something big is down there. No longer interested in swimming, but I've got to see what the hell that thing is! Now Jack from Random Fate is up. He does a good job clearing everything up. Hell, you can almost see bottom! Maybe a swim ain't out of the question. That is until Velociman takes his at bat. Either he dropped a grenade in the pond, or he conjured some type of demon of the deep! What was clear is now incredibly muddied. Can't wait to see what Mr. Helpful adds to the mix.

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