January 04, 2005

Amusement and Shame on New Year's

I stopped at the pub tonight for a beer and quesadilla. I learned a bit about myself.

Even though I shouldn't have been out New Year's Eve, I was. Got tired of being in bed all week being a sickly man. Yeah, I went back home to bed to rest, but, hey, it was crappy weather, and not many were out. A guy's gotta help take up the slack!

Anyway, I guess I was quite the hit with the bar, although I don't remember that much. I was called a unicorn because my party hat was not on the top of my head, but somewhere in the forehead vicinity. This I do remember.

I was dancing with quite a few of the ladies, even though I'm not a dancer. At all. This I do remember.

The DJ and his wife thought that I was a cartoon, and kept playing music that I liked to keep me on the dance floor. This I do remember.

I started the evening on some strong German beer, switched to some kind of vodka, then to shots of Black Haus, back to beer, and finished up drinking glasses of champagne ... as shots. This I faintly remember.

At closing, I reverted back to Marine lingo, an overabundance of four letter words. I haven't a clue.

Somewhere in the course of leaving the establishment, I switched to pirate speak. Because my hat now covered one eye. Your guess is as good as mine.

Before I went out the door, the DJ wanted to buy me a drink. I smiled and "told him off." Something stupid, along the lines of, "Damn you, you think I'm drunk. Well, I'm drunk enough already Mr. Guy." I guess he just laughed, but tried to offer again. I don't really know, it's what I've been told. Three times.

I'm amused and disappointed in myself. I haven't been drunk enough to forget things in quite awhile. Years. I never act like a jerk to people that I don't know. Kinda funny, but not. But I can't believe I turned down a drink. I'm so ashamed!

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