January 05, 2005

American 'Roo

Saw this article while checking e-mail. A kangaroo in Wisconsin. Believe it or not, it didn't suprise me. A few years ago, I had read a book called The W-Files, by Jay Rath. It's a fun to read book about some of Wisconsin's paranormal and unexplained phenomena. He makes mention about kangaroo sightings in Waukesha and Eau Claire counties. I can't remember (I no longer have the book) if he makes mention of the earliest reported sighting or not. That was in 1899, Richmond, WI (or NEW Richmond... both are listed). You can see this little bite of info here, but you've got to scroll down to the section called Phantom Kangaroos. There is also a list of some other sightings around the country to be found here. I would give you a few more links, but I'm tired of "hopping" around

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