January 10, 2005

By Other Means Found

Over the past few weeks, I've noticed some searches that have referred my blog. I wrote a few down because I thought them amusing, and planned on making a post with a list of some of the weird ones. Harvey was thinking the same thing after reading a post at Mike's.

I'm no longer number one on any of these, although I was, at the time it referred me, for plain creepy on Google.
Some of my referrals:
yahoo search, drunken berries
google, evil glenn
google, difference between comma and apostrophe
google, plain creepy
google (dutch), this is a new type of war is an eradication
google, What is on harvey's monster thickburger

I know, not so strange, except for "drunken berries," but with the exception of the "comma" search, all were within the top 10 at the time referred. Comma was 25. But my favorite, is also the strangest. At one point, I was number 2 for the MSN search for .... girls farting badly fetish. It's true! I still don't know how that came about!

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