January 13, 2005


Advisory meeting was held on Tuesday. One of the concerns was the recent outage of toilet paper. In all bathrooms. Not. one. roll. to be found. This was brought to my attention by quite a few people, the least of them being myself. Paper towels do not leave a feeling of a job well done. Trust me.

I was a little unhappy about the situation, so I went to complain to the supervisor. He said that they were aware of the state of the paper supply. They had been out since the day before!

When I'm mad, I try to make myself laugh. Sometimes it helps. I started coming up with all kinds of ways for the company to save money. Washing used toilet paper, charging to use paper, and some other lame ideas.

I finally told a co-worker that I was going to suggest that we install new fixtures and hand dryers. Voila! No more toilet paper ever needed! A friend of mine walked up then, looked at me, and asked, "Who's this Bud Hayes? And how is he going to help clean our asses?"

I tried to bring up the bidets in the meeting, but I couldn't keep a straight face, and I just busted up laughing! I just kept thinking of Bud Hayes following us all around!

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