January 21, 2005

To The New Guy

To Baby First Class Brayden:

Welcome, little man, to your new permanent duty station. I'm not sure what they told you when you were issued your orders, but rest assured; this isn't bad duty. Border patrol at the Hell/Humanity border is bad duty.

While this post isn't near the hellhole that some claim it is, there has been a recent increase in the number of seedy characters running about. This is where your officers in charge come in. You've got some of the best.

They will oversee your training, and prepare you for your future dealing with the "bad guys." Ideally, you will not have to have any clashes with them until your training is complete. However, things rarely come out ideally here. When these situations arise, watch and learn, my little friend. Your XO, "Mother" here, will protect you with a ferocity usually only found south of heaven. Don't jack with her. She may be the titled the XO, but I think we all know that she runs the show.

Your CO, "Father," is a good man. He's there to steer you down the right path, and to help provide your chow and utilities. He, as well, is someone you want to keep happy.

Your two training partners, or "brothers," are there strictly to amuse and annoy. It is your job to do the same for them. If you each do a proper job, you will grow up to be a very tight knit bunch, and you should never have to watch your six in times of trouble. You'll be there for each other.

May your tour be a long and pleasant one, BFC. Should you ever need anything, or have a question that your commanding officers can't, or won't answer, feel free to contact me.

Faithfully yours,

Master Drinking Sgt. T1G

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