February 01, 2005


I will get around to having my pictures from vacation developed. When I do, I will put them in a gallery and let those who are interested check it out. In the meantime, my brother has his done, and gave me some copies. Neither of us took many shots since we were riding most of the time, so I will put both of our sets in the gallery. However, I'll give you a picture of the three of us (my brother "the perfect one*," my cousin, and me), taken in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The perfect one is the guy in the center, with my cousin being the one on the right.

And speaking of my bro, check out his little dude!

Damn cute kid! He definitely takes after his mother! Heh.

*This title is not a rip, in case you were wondering. He'll let you know that he is! :)

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