February 13, 2005

Gushing With Love; Since 1967

The Feisty One, the lovely Christina, has specifically called out Acidman, Eric, Zonker, the Llama Butchers, and me to give her a male perspective to her "Don't Say A Word" post. I'll give it a shot, but I've gotta warn you, my expertise is very limited. Very.

If you haven't bothered to read her post.... Let me first say; Shame on you! Read it! But if you still insist on ignoring it, what she's talking about is communicating feelings without speech.

A touch. A look. A feeling. And along the same lines as a feeling, but not the same, a presence.

Of course, there are the little gestures; flowers or gifts for no officially recognized card holiday, notes here and there just because. I've always like to do the flowers from out of nowhere. Seeing the smile it brings. Or maybe seeing the smile after you're led away in 'cuffs. "Damn stalker!"

I've been one who really doesn't believe in mushy, mouth crushing, hands all over, rubbing of the unmentionables, public displays of affection. "Yes, you're in love. We figured that out after seeing you implant your tongue in her throat. If you're that willing to show what the hell goes on in your bedroom, film it, and sell the video. Make some money on the loss of your pride."

However, when it comes to me personally, I do believe in touch. A quick peck on her cheek... her lips... her neck. My hand on her lower back. Okay, I realize I'm going back a little on what I said, but the arm around the waist is good, too. I just can't do the groping thing in public. (In private, however ....) It's not a sex thing. It's little things to let her know that I appreciate her. Being with her.

Out of the public eye, I like to play with her hair while talking with her. Trace her cheek bones. Her jaw. Her neck. The lobe of her ear. Her legs.

A look from her can make me feel appreciated. The way her mouth curves into a slow smile. The twinkle in her eyes when I make a lame joke. Ah, yes. The eyes. Eyes can melt a man... and I ain't talkin' superpowers.

Sometimes, just to know that someone is willing to be around you is good. Hell, they're standing next to you, watching the ballgame. They've got to love you! That really isn't the presence that I was talking about. To try and describe that... well, I've been trying, and I think it's indescribable. I know that I have felt that when I'm around that person, everything is cool with the world, and yet, nothing really matters.

Of course, I have to admit that I'm really just talking out of my ass right now. I have to go off of memories... it's been a long while. Though, I think that may also be a positive. I don't really know!

Go ahead and check out these guys' posts: Eric, Acidman, and Mr. Helpful, who tells of the eyes much better than I. These guys convey. I just say.

Update: Zonker's weighed in!

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