February 20, 2005


I was talking on the phone today to Tammi, when my phone died. Since it's only me in this house, I have only one phone. Thankfully, I have a speaker phone, so when she called back I used the base.

Talk about weird. I discovered that I have a few habits that were worse than I ever thought.

My cousin and I have joked about me pacing when I'm on the phone. He does it, too. I never realized how bad I did it until the handset was no longer available. Standing in one spot just felt too weird. I caught myself fidgeting like crazy!

I also caught myself flinging my hands all over as I was talking. I don't know if it was because I was free of the phone, or what. I do know that I've never used my hands much while speaking. So I thought. Now I know I'm way wrong! I could have put out an eye!!!

And one final habit that isn't a bad one, I just wasn't so aware of it. Without the phone in hand, it felt like a regular conversation. So I was going nuts because there was no eye contact. It just felt strange. Hopefully, I didn't seem rude while I'm pondered these things!

Do you have any strange habits that you do while on the phone? Keep it clean, people! Ah nevermind! :)

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