February 23, 2005

Having A Nice Day?

It was a great day from the get go.

I get up in plenty of time to get ready for work, and then sit down to check e-mail. Not smart enough to check the computer clock, I watch the one on the wall. The one with the dying battery. After a bit, I start thinking that I've been awake for an awful long time now, and I should be about ready to leave. I realize that the clock is an hour and then some behind. Then I check my computer clock... I should have left 14 minutes ago!

I rush out the door making sure to lock it before I step out. About the time it latches, I realize that my housekeys are sitting by my computer! #%&$!!! Okay, no biggy. I've got an extra set of car keys. I'll break into the house when I get home.

Running late like I was, I couldn't grab my usual breakfast sandwich. Hell, the buzzer was going off as I got out of my car! Thankfully, the clocks at work are off, too... but in our favor. Made it with seconds to spare.

Get to my work area to see that my night guy (really my day guy) left me in a bad way. I know that it was unintentional, but still...

Grinding tooling, I run the side of my finger into the grinding wheel. My cat-like reflexes save the day! No blood, just a little meat is gone. Makes great entertainment later in the day. Dirt will not stick to the ground off spot, so my hands are filthy except for a little white patch on the side of my finger.

I ask permission from the boss to run up to the lunchroom to grab something to eat. No prob, until I get up there. No good sandwiches. Nothing appealing. There are some Pop Tarts, but I don't really feel in the mood for cherry. Rather have chocolate chip Pop Tarts. Pretty good for what they are. Finally I decide that it's better than nothing, and buy the cherry tarts. Guess what's right behind them? Yeah. Chocolate chip. I felt like the whole day was going to be a series of incidents like this... nothing going right.

I just started laughing. Frustrated laughing, yes, but I couldn't help it. Felt like a fool.

But you know what? The rest of the day just seemed to come around. Maybe the laugh helped, maybe I lost my mind, and now I just think it's okay. Maybe fate just decided that I should only suffer for a short period of time. I like to think it was the laugh.

So how's your #%&$in' day going?!

Posted by That 1 Guy at February 23, 2005 08:38 PM