March 01, 2005

Things I Learned While I Was on Liberty in Pattaya Beach, Thailand, and Really, Really Drunk - Part 1

(A Guest Post by Harvey of Bad Example)

Since T1G is technologically disabled, he asked both Straight White Eric and I if we could toss up a few little somethings to keep his site alive while he's down.

Eric's already done his part, so now it's my turn. After all, T1G *is* my beloved blogson.

So here's what I'm thinkin'... I figure one of these days I'm gonna meet T1G face-to-face, and - since we're both veterans - I'll be sharing some of my sea stories.

Which he won't believe, because, well, they're SEA STORIES.

But I've got pictures. And I'm going to dole them out a bit at a time until he comes back.

Now, some of these are a bit... spicy... so if anyone thinks they're inappropriate to the site, just holler and I'll put them behind a link instead of out in the open:


(click to enlarge)

"Batman" was not only a popular movie in America, it also has a popular following half-way around the globe.

Or at least half-way up this young lady's right thigh.

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