April 25, 2005

Catching Up

Wow! It's good to be back home... but looking around, I'm seeing that there are a lot of things that have fallen behind. The Bad Example Blog Family has grown like frickin' crazy! Mating fools they are. Heheh! Must update.

I've also got to make a seperate listing for bloggers that have graced me with their presence, which should be done in a day or two. Just depends on time. I've been surfing like crazy the past two days! Anyway, while off, I had the privilege of meeting some very great people, and Harvey, too. So I'll tell you a little about that, also.

Picking up around the place is a must, as Eric, while not a total slob, has left White Castle wrappers all over the place. I've already taken the bean bag chair outside and hosed it off. The nasty part is that I didn't have to pick it up... it stuck to my frickin' leg!!! I'm praying like hell that it was just that beer that he spilled when he first started blogsitting... seems like years ago.

I do have to thank all of you who've been making regular stops. It's very much appreciated. Sorry I kept you hanging for so long.

Thanks to the two who took the reins for me, Harvey, and the afore mentioned beer spiller, for keeping this place from falling in... I owe you a few beverages! Of course, you're going to have to share. I ain't that nice and appreciative!

Also, big thanks and hugs to my two blogsisters, Tammi and Teresa, who made sure that I could get back online. Sanity has been restored to me, to be removed from you. Thank these two! They are just too cool!

So anyway, that's it for right now, as I'm going to go visit you. Maybe I'll have another post for you later. Peace out, peoples. V

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