April 27, 2005

Chicago Meet

Late last month, I had the opportunity to meet some fellow bloggers... people who actually post with real live computers! More than likely, you've heard about it. If not, here's my true and accurate account. Remember, it was a month ago, so there is a chance, just a chance, that I may have a detail or two twisted. A very slight chance indeed.

I left straight from work, and arrived at Cafe Ba-ba Ree-ba in good time. Such good time that at first I thought that I was the first one to get there! I looked around a bit, and saw a man backed into a corner, growling and snapping at anyone who came within a 6 ft. circle of him. "Ah," said I, "that must be Laughing Wolf!"

I walked over and introduced myself, and held out my hand. He sniffed at it, then bit the hell out of it (really... I have a scar!) before giving me a firm handshake. We had a nice visit with no further oddities. Well, except for the few times he bared his teeth and snapped at me when I was reaching for an olive. Would have liked to visit with him a bit more, but by then the others started to arrive.

Next to arrive were Eric and Blackfive. Actually, Eric is the only one who walked right in... Matt stayed outside for a while. I think he was trying to psych himself up for the big meeting. Eric was awfully shy... couldn't hardly get him to say a word at first. The Wolf and I managed to get ahold of some skewers, and after a few good jabs, Eric finally started giving us one syllable answers. Still no Blackfive.

Waiting for Matt to make his entrance, I noticed two tall women come walking in together. Hotties they be! It was my blog sisters, Tammi and Teresa! However, it didn't take long, especially after Tammi pretended that she didn't know me, to see that these two aren't much for talking either. Actually, they seemed quite grouchy... I don't think Teresa smiled once all evening. Looked like the burden of carrying the conversation was being dropped on me.

Matt had shown up while we were all getting aquainted, but he was just as quiet as Eric... hell, at one point, I thought that they were trying to hide behind each other, but I may have been mistaken. While I was tying to get them to talk, in walked The Blog-Fadduh, and his lovely wife, TNT. She seemed to fit right in with Tammi and Teresa, but I'm pretty sure that she did smile once. I don't think the other two liked that very much.

Harvey was very intimidating... he stopped a few feet away from everyone else, then held out his hand. I looked at him, and asked, "WTF???" No sooner was the question out of my mouth, than I was being kicked in the satchel and, immediately after I hit the floor, face! His wife was screaming, "Kiss the ring, assholes!" Eric was unbelievably quick to respond... never have I seen someone move that fast! The others weren't far behind. The entire staff of the restaurant lined up, too! Rather impressive!

As the line to kiss Harvey's ring was dying down, I heard a voice saying to the hostess, "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." It gave me a start a first, and then I remembered that it would be very unlikely to hear the original anymore. I turned around, and there was Graumagus; blog father, co-worker (ex), and Johnny Cash impersonator, decked out in all black. (But of course.)

The food was excellent, and after a couple of kegs, everyone started to lighten up a bit. Eric and Matt finally started talking, though most of that was mumbled threats about what they would do to Harvey if he tried to make them kiss his ring again. Teresa never did smile, but she didn't seem quite so grouchy. Tammi took one of the skewers that the Wolf and I had commandeered, and was playing fetch with him. Harvey and Grau carried on a long conversation, with TNT acting as Harvey's mouthpiece... I don't think I heard him actually talk. Only quiet whispers to TNT, who then relayed his words to the rest of us.

After.... OH, CRAP!!! I'm thinking that maybe it didn't go down this way at all! I can't remember for sure. Whether it did or not, it was still a great time! One of the best times I've had in a while. Most of you have already read the others' accounts, but for those that haven't, check these out:

Laughing Wolf
And Harvey's series: Matt O'Blackfive (Major league asskissery here... :) ), Laughing Wolf, Eric, Grau, and me

If you ever get the chance to go to a blogmeet, hop on it. I guarantee that it will be worth your while!

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