May 03, 2005

Bad News Monday

Yesterday started out ok. Sun shining as I drove to work, tunes blaring (Clutch: Elephant Riders), filled with happy thoughts about the White Sox, and their excellent April. (I'll post on that later.) I picked up breakfast, and arrived ten minutes early. Plenty of time to chow. I'm thinking this is going to be a great Monday.

Within a half hour, the sun is gone, but, hey, things are going well. No worries. And things were still going fine when I was finally able to peruse the morning paper. That's when my day totally turned to crap.

I ran across an article that just made me sick to my stomach. Eventually, I was pissed as hell. But for the first couple of hours, I was seriously fighting stomachus-eruptus.

What could affect me like that, you ask? To be truthful, there's probably many things. But the offending news of the day was this: Tina Fey has caught the preggers. What's so bad about that? IT. AIN'T. MINE!

And to top it off, she's married! Again, I realize that's still not a bad thing. BUT, she never told me... that's what's irked me. The whole time, I hadn't a clue.

I feel so used.

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