May 07, 2005

Mexican Manicotti: It's What's For Breakfast

So I got to go over to Tammi's new digs last night. I'm talking place of residence, not bloghold. Very cool! I enjoy the hell out visiting with her, and now she's only about thirty miles away... how cool is that?

I really do feel for those of you that she's had to leave behind in Florida. It's not fair, but we've got your girl up here now. Heheh. And I understand why you all are so upset... it's not just because she's such a caring person. It's not because she's a great friend to you. And it's not because (for those who would like to, but are hesitant to set foot in a holy sanctuary lest you be struck down) you feel like you've entered a Catholic church will all of the candles blazing. (I've got to wonder about you "men" of the Bad Example Family who were so concerned with keeping the candles lit during the Family Reunion.)

Nope, you folks are going to miss her cooking. I know that's what it is! Sure, everything else comes into play, but when it comes right down to it, food is where it's at!

She made a kick ass Mexican manicotti... loaded with jalepenos. Mmmmmmmmm. And then she had cherry cobbler (and not a virgin shoemaker) for dessert. Damn. Good. And leftovers got sent with me. Bwahahahahahah!

So I now return to my breakfast of manicotti, cobbler, and beer. Life rocks today!

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