May 10, 2005


You could catch the faint scent of freshly cut grass, overpowered by blooming lilacs. And every now and again, you might smell the scent of topsoil, as someone nearby worked the earth for their garden.

The killdeer were playing on a driveway, as the first mosquitos started to show.

The distant sound of a lawnmower grew rapidly louder, accompanied by loud mewling, and maniacal laughter. A man, no longer sane, ran through your yard, 6 horses provided by Briggs and Stratton, running in front of him... cursed tabby fleeing.

"Oh, yes, my feline friend. I promise to you that I shall end the chasing of the hounds... the scrounging of the food... the yowling in the night. Do not run from me, and the end, while messy, will be swift. And I promise to gift you with eternal sleep."

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