May 22, 2005

Quick Sports Notes

I may not get to post anything else today, so I figured to drop off some quick sports notes.

Brandon McCarthy will make his White Sox debut today, pitching against Mark Prior. I'm not trying to diss McCarthy, but I think this game goes to the Cubs. Prior should win this unless he gets a high pitch count and the Cubs have to go to their blowpen bullpen. Tammi should be happy to avoid the sweep. Still, go Brandon!

While I'm far from a NASCAR fan, it was pretty cool to walk into the bar last night, just in time to see Mark Martin win the Nextell All-Star Challenge. He's one of the few drivers that I kind of keep track of, and probably my favorite. Why? Just seems like a class act, and when I was in the Marines, my roomate was a huge fan of his. Mark Martin stuff everywhere. I think that may be where my interest came from.

Tomorrow is the first day of the French Open. Once again, I'm not a huge tennis fan, but I do like watching the French Open and Wimbledon. Some of you may remember why. Anyway, because of the event, the French terror alert level has risen from "Run," to "Hide," with a great chance of seeing the next levels of "Surrender," and "Collaborate." I'll try to keep you posted.

Have a good day!

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