May 28, 2005


"eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...." -Joe's ears, May 28, 2005

Holy cow, people! Sorry if my typing seems a little hoarse, but I caught a show last night. Damn good show!

Went to Elixur in Rockford (I'd provide a link, but there's some god-awful dance music there) to see Local H, along with SOiL and American Motherload. My apologies to the fourth band. We came in during the last song of their set, and I never did hear who they were.

I'd never been to Elixur before, but it is a great place for a show. The place isn't overly huge (I think I heard it holds 900), and it's one of those places where the crowd is right at the edge of the stage. They had "security" in place, bouncers, to help keep idiots in check. No problems for them. Hell, these guys were starting a mosh pit by the end of the night!

I'll not go on for too long.

American Motherload- First time I'd ever heard of these guys, but it won't be the last. Their music could maybe fit the "metal" tag, but they are more of a hard rock band. And rock hard, they do! The band themselves are pretty cool guys. I was wearing my Corrosion of Conformity shirt, and some guy came up and started talking about COC. Found out later, he was the guitarist. The singer also was complimenting my shirt... they were big fans, and you can hear some of the influence in their music.

SOiL- Always good to see these guys. I was a little worried about the band having a new singer, but he did an excellent job. Kinda made the songs his own! He added a little bit of aggression to the songs. Heh, I even got into the pit for a song... thought I was going to puke after getting clocked, but it was still a good time! I'm glad to see these guys back out, and I'm looking forward to the new album.

Local H- The reason I have no voice. One of my favorite bands to see live, their songs are not complex or full of bull. The songs are written for you to scream along with them! I'm not sure how many times I've seen them, but I recommend that you check them out. It's two guys putting out a wall of noise! Scott, the guitarist, has his guitar set up so that he goes into two amps... one bass, and one guitar. If you'd never seen them, you'd swear that there was a full band playing. As a matter of fact, that's how I was introduced to them. I swore that it was some big band, because the music sounded so thick, and as I walked around the stage, there's just two guys. Incredible.

So that's my beginning to this weekend. What are your plans?

Update: The fourth band was called One Little Sin. I couldn't find a link. Sorry.

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