May 29, 2005

I Wish...

I could have seen my face today. I must have been grinning from ear to ear anytime I was driving. I was smiling so much, that my face hurts. (Yeah, yeah, I know... it's killing you.)

My brother in law gave me a disc that he burned, and it triggered so many good memories. I thought that this band was long gone, but they put out an album last year. They haven't changed a bit, and I'm glad of it.

I grew up in a very religious household. I wasn't a saint, but I sure wasn't a rotten kid. One thing that used to give my mom fits was my taste in music. She knew what I listened to, but would rather I didn't play it in the house, or around her. So most of my listening was done in my car.

Exodus has been around for as long as I've been driving. While listening to the newest disc, I had memories of my '73 LeSabre, '78 Gran Prix, and my '87 Olds 442. Times spent with my brothers and friends. Trouble gotten into and away from. Trips up to Northern Wisconsin. Hot summer days, with the sunroof open on the Olds.

I'm sitting here thinking about younger days, again. Daydreaming. Not the best of times, but good times. May there be many more.

So what are some of the things that smash open the gates of memory for you?

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