May 31, 2005


Spent most of the weekend away from home. I was up at my sister's place helping my brother in law build a playset for the boys. My brother, The Perfect One, was there helping on Saturday, and he brought his little one.

I've come to this conclusion: while I'm not sure what happens to us later, our family starts out as damn cute kids. Seriously. My nephews and my cousin's kids (who may as well be nephews and niece) are some of the cutest kids that I personally know. And that is only mildly biased.

And, to help further their cuteness, they say/do some of the funniest things. I was smiling an awful lot this weekend, between the tunes, and my little cartoons. The Perfect One's little guy has just started motoring around. It's funny as hell watching him trying to keep his balance... looks like he's dancing, with his little index fingers pointing all over.

The little guys know that their uncles are full of it, too. My sister's youngest started whining about a sliver (he must get that from his dad), and he wouldn't let anyone touch it, because "it hurt." I told him that what I do when I get a sliver, is to cut my finger off. Then I can dig the sliver out of my finger and it won't hurt. Of course, it hurts later when I have to sew the finger back on, but you're going to have pain one way or the other! I got an excellent eyeroll for that one!

Once we finished with the playset, the boys wanted to play on it. Play? I told them that now that we're finished, we burn it down and start over. I kept a straight enough face that the eldest looked at my with some concern, before deciding that I lied. Heheh. Man, kids are fun!

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