June 13, 2005

Asking A Favor

Okay, I think most of you have seen the gibberish that is "Have yoe Ever?" I think that was me... but I was having problems.

See, I haven't been practicing my shots, and no food + shots + lotsa beer seems to destroy me. I was fine when I left the bar that night. I got home and read Konstantin's story, and seriously, I forgot to breathe. Very good. Well, I knew I was having problems when it took me forever to type a comment. I was trying to be serious, and let him know what a great job he did. I may have failed.

I next visited a few more favorites, and by then, I could barely read... buzz was growing. I think I left some more idiotic comments, but I only found one. Thank God. I was made aware of that, by an email that said, "inebriated again, eh?.. oh, the humanity!" I was almost embarrassed. Almost.

So here's the favor, next time some drunk guy comes knocking on your blog door, late or early, chase him the hell off. Don't let him make a total ass of himself. The last little bit of pride he has may be what he leaves in your comments.

I'll try my best to keep him from posting.

You know what I think that post was supposed to say? "Have you ever been so jacked up that you can't focus on anything?" It took too many attempts... I he nodded off with his finger on the "c" key. I shortened it for laughter's sake, but there were many, many "c's."

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