June 15, 2005

Yes, I Really Am Human

I was talking with a "biker" the other night, and we got to talking about how far we ride in a day, and our strategies for making the trip as painless as possible. I'm not going into all of that discussion, though it may make for a post to fill time later on. Anyway, when we hit the topic of when to eat, I started grinning... and I think I may have irritated him a bit. I wasn't laughing at him, but at a memory of one of the most embarrassing incidents I've had on the road. 'Course, I didn't tell him that.

A couple of years back, I stopped at a Hardees or a Booger Fling in Iowa City. It had been a long trip, and I was on it's last leg. I ordered, got my chow, and made my way to one of the booths by the window so that I could keep an eye on the bike, and watch the fine scenery. (College town) I was about finished eatin', when in walked a couple of hotties, and they were trying to match the bike outside to the customers. They finally saw me, and though I doubt they were impressed, they smiled and waved.

By the time they got to the counter, I had already finished my grub, so I headed back to the can to wash the ketchup and grease from my hands. I walked in, and it looked like someone had either let a puppy or a three year old loose in there... toilet paper was everywhere! I picked up some of it, then washed my hands and made to leave.

As I'm heading out the door, I notice the hotties looking at me and grinning, so I waved. Big smiles were my reward! I held the door for a couple and noticed that they, too, were smiling. Huh? It wasn't until the door was closing, and I caught my reflection in the glass that I knew why they were all grinning at me. I had a nice streamer of toilet paper stuck to my boot heel! All I could do was laugh! Here for a second, I thought I actually had a bit of sex appeal!!!

I think that may be the only embarrassing incident I've ever had (right), but how about you? How have you embarrassed yourself?

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