June 18, 2005

Random Crap

Funny how certain things can set off earworms. Yesterday, after reading a certain post, I spent the rest of the day singin' "Monkey Man" by the Stones and laughing to myself.

This morning, I have "Drug Raid at 4 AM" by Lard running through my head after reading this article. The last lines of the song? Not in the lyrics, but after the music ends... "Oops... sorry. Wrong house."

It's not really funny... what if, instead of picking up a vacuum hose, he had grabbed a gun to defend himself? Ventilated over a "mistake." Still, the song persists.

Speaking of mistakes, I love this woman's response to a mistake regarding her pay. Maybe she responded a little harshly, but who likes gettin' money yoiked from them?

Another that made me grin: Mrs.Satan's photo of Dick Turban Durbin.

That's my Saturday thoughts... until I think of more.

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