June 21, 2005

Note To Self

To myself, and those who would learn from others' idiocies, a tip:

Never stash something down the front of your pants while riding. NEVER! Holy crap, does that hurt!

I was okay until I had to shift... then everything shifted down yonder, and the discomfort began. Sharp edges stabbing into places where they just shouldn't be. I kept trying to lean back to ease the pain, but I'm riding my brother's bike, and he's got ape hangers... I was stuck in a locked and upright position, while fearing that a certain friend may never be upright again.

What the hell was stashed in the hold? Ironically, a floppy disc! I didn't have anywhere on the bike to stash it, and I wasn't about to set my big ol' ass on it, so I figured that'd be safe enough. Once the gouging of the groin started, I realized... not so smart. I started thinking, "What if I wreck while trying to adjust myself? Someone's going to get a kick out of that... 'Yeah, a floppy cut his floppy off!'"

If I ever even think of doing that again, remind me to open a pocket knife, stick it down the front of my pants, and bend over. That should change my mind.

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