June 23, 2005

A Meal For Any Time of the Day

The incredibly lovely sarahk is hosting the Carnival of Recipes this week. The first time, she shook her fist at me to get me to submit an entry. I think she did another, and I didn't enter. Trying to avoid a whoopin' (although....), I had my sister give me the recipe for some jambalaya that she made for me. Easy to make, and good to eat. My apologies to my Cajun friends, but, "mais oui, mes amis, das some good stuff!" (Thanks, Chrissy, for the phrase!)

New Orleans Style Jambalaya

1/4 c. vegetable oil
3 c. chopped onions
8 links "Emeril's kicked up smoked sausage", cut into 1/4 in. rounds
2 lbs. boneless white and dark meat chicken, cut into 1 in. cubes (or you
can just use chicken breasts....breasts are good)
1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper
2 Tbsp Emeril's Original Essence
1 c. chopped green bell peppers
2 Tbsp. garlic
3 c. long grain white rice
5 c. low-sodium chicken stock
1 bay leaf
1 c. chopped green onions

Heat oil in large saucepan over med. heat. Cook sausage 5 min. and remove from pan. Add chicken, cayenne pepper, and 1 Tbsp Essence to pan and cook 5 min. Remove from pan. Add onions, bell peppers, remaining Essence and garlic to pan and cook 8-10 min. until veggies are softened. Add rice and cook, stirring 3-5 min. Return sausage and chicken to pan. Add stock and bay leaf. Increase heat to med-high and bring to a boil. Cover and reduce heat to low. Cook 25 min, remove from heat. Let stand, covered 10 min.
Remove bay leaf, and stir in green onions to serve.

I'm not sure how many this is supposed to serve. Let's just say that it serves a couple of people, a couple of kids, and one really hungry T1G. You do the math! Enjoy!

Correction! Dana from Note-It Posts is hosting the Carnival this week! But she does have breasts! ;) Sorry, Dana!

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