July 12, 2005


This weekend was loaded. Informative, fun, busy. Lots of running back and forth.

Saturday, of course was the reunion. Me being the social giant, and ever talkative, I tried to maintain a quiet facade. I did quite well, thank you. I don't usually talk with more than five to seven people, but I really do have a good time. This year, I decided that I would see if there were perhaps any bloggers in the bunch. So I wore the old Blackfive T-shirt, hoping to bait them. No bites. Damn.

Being a very German family, you would think that you could count on beer, brats, sauerkraut, and German potato salad, wouldn't you? Nope. Not. A. Single. Bowl. Or. Crock. Of. Potato. Salad. Anywhere. None. I was devastated... I'd been craving the stuff all week, and I was denied. I started mumbling.

Mumbling to myself seemed to draw people closer. Conversations began, and I learned a few interesting things about my family. Very interesting. I thought I had some very important clues, but in the end, I'm still just as confused as ever.

Last year was an important anniversary, reunion-wise. Huge crowd... people from all over. And I noticed as they were all visiting and eating, one very obvious thing: there were quite a few folks with mental handicaps. I truly felt at home.

This year, I discovered that there is indeed an explanation for this... and you may have guessed. One limb on the family tree doesn't really branch out much. At least not until the last few generations. And luckily, it's not my branch. Well, I guess it's lucky. Now I don't have any type of explanation for why I am as I am.

Sunday, we celebrated my birthday. Just a cookout at my sister's place. That's all I ever really want. The nephews and niece get to play and run through the sprinkler, and there's no hurry to leave a restaurant.

I've said it before, and I'm sure to say it again, but damn the kids in our family are cute! I was playing with The Perfect One's little boy, who's 15 months, and thinks he's hot stuff (just like his dad), and the little guy had me rolling! Felt good to laugh about kids goofing around. My sister's boys and cousin's kid's (I call them nephews and niece... they may as well be) were playing outside in the sprinkler. Just fun to watch.

Another good thing... I got my frickin' potato salad. And it was abso-frickin-lutely delicious. Mom rules!

Anyway, a few people announced my birthday Saturday. I love to celebrate other people's birthdays, but don't usually make much deal of mine. Hell, usually I'm gone on a trip! But it was very cool to come home and see all the birthday wishes left in the comments of this post. I almost felt bad that I didn't announce it myself, and let you guys tear the place up! It was very cool, and totally unexpected. So, here's what I do in return: To all of you who commented and linked my birthday, I gift you with gratuitous linkage in reciprocation. I hope I haven't missed anyone, and if I did, oh well. Heheheheh.......

Thanks again!

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