July 13, 2005

Juvenile Joe

I left a comment over at Éric's regarding his meeting with Bou. I said that when/if I ever get to meet her, she probably will keep the boys away. Her comments to this post, and this one, come immediately to mind. And I'm proud. So here's a quick story, just for her.

I just got back to my work area after using the resting room, and one of my co-workers walks up, looking at me with the "I'm doing so good at golf, now, that I just have to tell you great my game is getting to be" look. As he's walking up, I puffed out my chest, hiked up my pants, and before he could say anything, I told him, "I just made poop come out of my butt." Heheh.... he shook his head and said something about never knowing where the hell I come from. I think he stared at me for a full twenty seconds before he got that out.

But I didn't have to listen to a golf story!

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