July 15, 2005


Just woke up again, and surveyed the destruction.

Not bad, not bad at all. After quick examination of my "spiritually influenced" posts, I can't quite say they were good, either. I remember laughing my ass off as I typed them... but it appears that I left the true humor out.

Heh... screw it. I had fun, and that's all that counts. You guys got to see just how deep my soul really is.... Still waters run deep, they say. The surface can appear to be glass, and reflect as a mirror.

In my case, once you don your scuba gear and drop in, you discover that it actually is a mirror, and I am but a reflection of all of you. Scary, huh?

I think I may still be a bit inebriated. Just wait until the Blogcrawl on the 30th... you may have an unsolicited overdose of my... whatever it is.

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