July 19, 2005

No Time To Post

I wish I had a bit more for time. I was going to post about going to the Brewer game, and how it was a pretty good game. About the ground rule double that was hit into the seats just below us, but ended up getting flung just shy of where we were sitting.

I was going to tell you about how, upon attempting to leave Miller Park, we were diverted into Milwaukee. And how, while traffic was slowly crawling towards a work zone, we heard a roar, looked out the window to our right, and saw four of the Blue Angels whipping by... seriously. I was also going to tell you about how we got to watch some of the air show while inching towards I-43 south, quite a bit in fact.

I had been hoping to give you a quick review of Young's Old Nick, just to let you know how good it is. And to mention that you definitely won't want to drink too many in one sitting... while good, it's nice and heavy. One or two is plenty good.

I had planned on posting about how incredibly busy I was yesterday, not getting home until a shade before 11. About the adventures of moving a fifty-way too many inch TV.

I also wanted to point out that in the comments to this post of mine, about the Turbo Tap, the inventor's brother stopped by, and helped to ease some of my concerns... he even said that it will pour a perfect Guinness. Nothing said about me getting a free couple of beers to sample... heheh.... I had wanted to point out that that is precisely why I didn't rip on them, because I hadn't sampled the product. To thank Andy for stopping by, and to express my regret at being a cheap bastard, and not having the deluxe Haloscan commenting, so that I could e-mail him back.

But I haven't the time. You people will just have to wait.

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